2012 BCGC Conference

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May 3rd Conference


BCGC 2nd Annual Conference in Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches and New Solutions

Thursday, May 3rd at UC Berkeley, in Banatao Auditorium 

Conference Vidoes, Presentations and Posters, now available:
1) John Arnold, BCGC Director: Welcoming Remarks and Center Overview, slides


2) Debbie Raphael, Director of California Department of Toxic Substances Control: California's Safer Consumer Product Regulations, Slides


3) John Hartwig, Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley: Catalysis for Synthetic Efficiency


4) Lauren Hein, Senior Science Advisor at Clean Production Action  
and Cory Robertson, Environmental Chemistry at HP: Introducing and discussing the Green Screen, Lauren's Slides, Cory's Slides
5) Joan Blades, Founder of MoveOn.org and MomsRising.org: The Dynamics of Citizen Powered Social Change, Slides
6) Education Panel Discussion
John Warner, President and Founder of the Warner Babcock Institute
Michelle Douskey, Chemistry Lecturer at UC Berkeley, slides
William Tolman, Chemistry Professor, University of Minnesota 

7) Business Panel Discussion 
Roger McFadden, Staples, 
Drummond Lawson, Method
Mark Bunger, Lux Research, slides
Steve Hahn,  Dow Chemical



Poster Session:
1.“Overview of Berkeley’s Approach to Green Chemistry Curriculum Development”
2. Heather Buckley, “Quantification of Limonene Extraction from Orange Peels using Gas Chromatography”
3. Anna Zimmermann “Introduction to METIS: A tool made by DuPont for chemists to compare chemicals”  
4 .Ashleigh Ward, "Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for Fuel Cells: Electrochemical Dioxygen Activation by a Series of FirsR ow Polypyridyl Complexes"
5. Thomas Gianetti, "Niobium catalyzed selective semi-hydrogenation of internal alkyne with a H2:CO gas mixture"
6. Dan Kellenberger,  "Towards Electrocatalytic Dehydrogenation For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Applications"
7. Justin Lamont “Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory Calculations as Tools for Understanding Green Organometallic Chemistry”
8. Candace Clark “Using Toxicity Assays to help Guide the Design of a Better Oil Dispersant
9. Akos Kokai, “Plum: Public Library of Materials”
10 .Leah Rubin, “Oil Treatment Targeted Environmental Response (OTTER) strategy”
11. Avi Ringer, “Understanding the Drivers for Biobased Chemicals Adoption”
More information:
Conference Flyer
Conference Agenda


If you have any questions email: lisabt@berkeley.edu and marty_m@berkeley