About: Executive Director- Marty Mulvihill


Martin Mulvihill, Ph.D

Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry

University of California, College of Chemistry

239 Hildebrand Hall

Berkeley CA 94720

phone: 510-517-2135

Email: marty_m@berkeley.edu

Full CV (pdf)

Creative Achievements

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (2009) at the University of California, Berkeley, with a focus on materials science and environmental sensing.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Reed College.

Current Research Interests

  • Green chemistry and sustainable design; creating new interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate curriculum in green chemistry.
  • Materials and environmental science, understanding the fate and transport of nanoparticles in the environment.
  • Environmental engineering, development of a sustainable sorbent for the remediation of excess fluoride in groundwater.

Key Publications

Iles, A and Mulvihill, M. Collaboration across Disciplines for Sustainability: Green Chemistry as an Emerging Multistakeholder Community. Environ. Sci. & Tech. 2012, 5643. DOI: 10.1021/es300803t

Mulvihill, M, Beach, SE, Zimmerman, JB, and Anastas, PT. Green Chemistry and Green Engineering: A Framework for Sustainable Technology Development. Ann Rev Environ Res, 2011, 271. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-environ-032009-095500

Mulvihill, M.; Tao, A.; Benjauthri, K.; Arnold, J.; Yang, P. “Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Trace Arsenic Detection in Groundwater,” Angewandte Chemie-International Edition2008, 6456.

Mulvihill, M. and Yang, P. “Complex Plasmonic Structures by Anisotropic Etching of Silver Nanoparticles,” Journal of the American Chemical Society2010, 268.

Mulvihill, M.; Habas, S.E.; Jen-La Plante, I.; Wan, J. and Mokari, T., “Influence of Size, Shape, and Surface Coating on the Stability of Aqueous Suspensions of CdSe Nanoparticles.” Chemistry of Materials, 2010DOI: 10.1021/cm101262s

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