BCGC Speaker Series

If you are interested in knowing more about the BCGC and our innovative research and education programs, consider inviting one of our faculty to your site for a talk. Below you can find a list of potential speakers along with a few potential presentation titles. Contact Marty Mulvihill to learn more about scheduling a BCGC Speaker.


Marty Mulvihill: "The Fundamentals of Green Chemistry" and "BCGC an Interdisciplinary Approach to Green Chemistry"

John Arnold: "A Generational Shift in Chemistry and Chemical Education"


Marty Mulvihill: "Project Based Learning in Green Chemistry Laboratories and Graduate Classes" 

Michelle Douskey: "Undergraduate Lab Development and Assesment in Introductory Chemistry At UC Berkeley"


John Arnold: "Next Generation Fuel Cell Catalysts"


Chris Vulpe: "The Application of High Throughput Toxicology Testing in Green Chemistry"

Biobased Chemicals

Avi Ringer:"Towards a Sustainable Biobased Chemical Production System"

Alternatives Assesment-Chosing Safer Chemicals

Akos Kokai: "PLM- A Public Library of Materials a tool for Chemical Assesment"

Chemicals Policy

Meg Schwarzman: "Toward a New U.S. Chemicals Policy: Rebuilding the Foundation to Advance New Science, Green Chemistry and Envrionmental Health"

Michael Wilson: "Strategies to Protect Worker Health and Safety from Chemical Hazards"

Michael Wilson: "Integrating Envrionmental and Occupation Health in Chemicals Policy"