Green Chemistry and Sustainable Design Seminar

About Our Group

Our goal is to promote the advancement of green chemistry and sustainable design principles through the creation of a venue for the discussion and dissemination of information among students and faculty from diverse fields, including chemistry, engineering, toxicology, public health, public policy, business, and environmental science. This seminar series has been funded by the Dow Sustainable Products and Solutions Program, The College of Chemsitry, and the School of Public Health. 

Fall 2014: Enroll in Chem 298.10 Green Chemistry Seminar (CCN 12794).  

What we do:

  1. Host the annual Green Chemistry and Sustainable Design seminar series since 2008. Previous speaker lists can be found here
  2. Organize regular journal club meetings, creating a venue for discussion and learning among graduate students.
  3. Attend relevant professional meetings and make sure academic chemists have a voice in the sustainability movement.

To get involved contact Leah Rubin, Micah Ziegler, or Eva Nichols

Fall 2014 Calendar

November 3 2014 (4-5:30 pm, 433 Latimer Hall) Becky Sutton - San Francisco Estuary Institute

Smother and Spark: The Impact of Flame Retardant Policy on Pollution

November 24 2014 (4-5:30 pm, 433 Latimer Hall) Noah Kittner - Energy and Resources Group, UCB

Sustainable Energy Pathways for Kosovo

December 1 2014 (4-5:30 pm, 433 Latimer Hall) Elena Krieger - PSE Healthy Energy

Get involved now to help plan this year's slate of speakers. Events will take place throughout the semester.