Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches & New Solutions

The Philomathia Foundation Conference March 24th, 2011

Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches & New Solutions was the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry's first national conference. It introduced the collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches piloted by BCGC and featured leaders in these fields, who spoke about the role of Green Chemistry in responding to society's most pressing health, environmental and economic problems.

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Seeking Green Chemistry Innovation

Greener Solutions Fall 2014

Greener Solutions is a course offered at UC Berkeley. In this course, students will:

  • Work in multi-disciplinary teams to tackle a research question posed by a host organization aiming to adopt safer chemicals in products or operations;
  • Investigate the human and environmental health consequences of a current technology; and
  • Look to biologically inspired designs to find what else is possible. This practice is known as biomimicry.

Click here for a flyer with more information or check out the course webpage here.

Greener Solutions 2013

2012 BCGC Conference


BCGC 2nd Annual Conference in Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches and New Solutions

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Three New Graduate Seminars Announced

NSF invests in BCGC Interdisciplinary Approach to Green Chemistry and Ethics Education

 NSF invests in Berkeley’s Interdisciplinary Approach to Green Chemistry and Ethics Education

How do you compare the impact of 1 ton of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere to 1 milligram of an endocrine disrupter in our water supply, or compare $1,000 spent on complying with regulations designed to protect the environment with $1,000 spent on building more industrial capacity?