BCGC Associate Director of Integrative Science Mike Wilson presents keynote address

Before 4,200 attendees, Dr. Wilson described the science of green chemistry in the context of worker health and safety and U.S. movements for social change, calling on the AIHA to become involved in the movement to re-write the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 and help assure that it contains language to protect workers.


Articles related to the Conference

New Era, New Curriculum

BCGC was featured on NPR's "Living on Earth" program on November 19, 2010.

This story by Ingrid Lobet reports on changes at UC Berkeley and features Michael P. Wilson, Ph.D. and Marty Mulvihill, Ph.D.

Click here to read and listen to the news story and interview: Living on Earth: New Era, New Curriculum.


Center receives grant award from the Public Health Trust



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Dean's Message

"It is essential that we initiate a generational change in our production and use of chemical products. The BCGC's interdisciplinary approach can accomplish that by bringing together scholars in chemistry, the environmental health sciences, public policy, economics, and the law. Only in this way can we truly advance the necessary research and education in sustainable chemical practices"

Richard Mathies, PhD

Dean, College of Chemistry