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-What is Green Chemistry and Why is it Important 10/16/2014

Marty is interviewed on Spectrum a science and technology show broadcast on Berkeley Campus Radio (90.7) KALX. He discusses sustainablity and the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry. 

-Marty Mulvihill on Spectrum, listen here! 01/27/2012

Marty is interviewed on Spectrum a science and technology show broadcast on Berkeley Campus Radio (90.7) KALX. He discusses sustainablity and the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry. 

-Earth Techling, Green Chemsitry Big In Oregon's Future? 07/07/2011

Researchers at Portland State University published a paper highlighting Oregon’s opportunities in the move toward more sustainable chemistry practices and calling for better coordination between organizations to help position the state as a leader.

-RSC Publishing, New Impact Factor for Green Chemsitry 07/01/2011

Green Chemistry received a 5-year impact factor* of 6.056 in the 2010 Journal Citation Reports released by Thomson ISI this week. 

-Chemical and Engineering News Twenty Years of Green Chemistry 06/27/2011

Chemists have worked hard to build awareness of and reduce hazardous chemical use over the past two decades.

-Chemical and Engineering News 2011 Green Chemistry Awards 06/21/2011

Honors: Recipients win praise for innovations that promote sustainability.

-International Business Times: Green Chemical Industry to Spar to $98.5 Billion by 2020 06/20/2011

Green chemistry is the expansive discipline that is evolving in response to this wide array of challenges and, according to a new report from Pike Research, represents a market opportunity...

-On Earth: Pure Chemistry 5/26/2011

A story featuring BCGC and curriculum development.

-EHS Today, AIHce: The Industrial Hygienist's Role in Green Chemistry and Chemical Reform 5/18/2011

-Watch the Philomathia Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches & New Solutions Conference Webcast Watch the recorded webcast from the Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches & New Solutions Conference. 3/24/2011

-Paul Anastas, Mike Wilson discuss Green Chemistry on NPR's Marketplace

Environmental agency's new chief scientist envisions a world in which chemicals aren't toxic. 03/23/2011

-Green Chemistry Conference highlights UC Berkeley's unique approach 03/22/2011

-BCGC Director, John Arnold,  featured at March 16 California ACS meeting 03/09/2011

-Michael Wilson's testimony before the California Assembly Oversight Hearing on the Green Chemistry Initiative (click to download pdf) Michael Wilson presented this testimony at the joint Assembly hearing of the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee and the Health Committee. He proposed the three key elements for tznear-term implementation of AB 1879 as a way to begin next steps. 02/15/2011

-LEDs not so green after all. Meg Schwarzman comments on a new study by researchers at the University of California's Davis and Irvine campuses finds that by California standards, the small LEDs used in products such as Christmas lights, traffic signals, and remote controls should be classified as hazardous waste. 12/16/2010

-KQED: Building an Artificial Leaf 11/29/2010

-BCGC featured in UC Berkeley Media highlights for November 2010

-NPR Living on Earth: New Era, New Curriculum. 11/19/2010

-Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry website goes live. 10/26/2010

-Los Angeles Times: Trying to Understand our Chemical Exposure 10/11/2010

-Forbes: Green Chemistry Is Good For Business 8/17/2010

-The New York Times: Suit Sees Lead Risk in Bounce Houses 8/11/2010

-State blazes new path on chemical risks. 8/8/2010

-California's Green Chemistry Initiative would regulate harmful compounds. 8/8/2010

-Dems, enviros won’t abandon legislation for Green Chemistry initiative. 8/5/2010

-BBC Radio Special Discovery: Can Chemistry save the world? Roland Pease looks into the new discipline of Green Chemistry, which seeks to improve our world, without doing harm at the same time.

-Martin Mulvihill discusses some of the new Chemistry labs for this semester (Video) Martin Mulvihill discusses the new labs and curriculum for UC Berkeley undergraduates and even gives some real-world examples of everyday products that  come from natural sources.

-Green Chemistry program must be strong, efficient and open to public
. 7/29/2010

-NPR: Group Finds Lead in Kid's Drinks 6/10/2010

-Scientific American: Green Chemistry: Scientists Devise New "Benign Design" Drugs, Paint, Pesticides and More 5/28//2010

-KQED Radio: BPA Update 3/1/2010

-NPR: A Toxic Environment for green workers 1/26/2010

-College of Chemistry steers course to sustainable 'green' Chemistry. 10/8/2009