Summer 2011 Undergraduate Students

Sarah Schwartz

Sarah is a second year undergraduate at the University of California, San Diego, where
she is majoring in Environmental Systems. She loves Green Chemistry because it uses
the developments of an ancient science to protect our future, and allows a specific science
to interact with a wide array of other disciplines.

Petar Petrov

Petar is a sophomore chemistry major at UC Berkeley. I'm originally from Bulgaria, but have lived all over the US since I was 4 years old, most recently moving from Oklahoma to California for college. I've always been interested in chemistry because of its many practical applications to daily life. In particular, I'm interested in green chemistry because it allow us to use our understanding of science to make the world a healthier, safer, and cleaner place for everyone.

Ritankar Das

Ritankar is a Class of 2014 major in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley and is an undergraduate researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. He believes that student-engineers who are concerned about social issues, such as sustainability, are in an strong position to effect change because of an amalgamation of their technical background and their unique perspective as students. 


Elysia Ison

Elysia is a third year in the College of Natural Resources studying Molecular Environmental Biology. She runs, plays tennis, and currently works in Professor Fine's Lab working with plant genetics. She is interested in Green Chemistry because she wants to work for the Center for Disease Control after Graduate school and her Environmental Chemistry  lab will provide her with the useful experience for that career. Her major also highlights the importance of greener chemistry and this lab provided her with a hands-on approach of what she is learning.

Nisha Mair

Nisha is a 2nd year at UC Berkeley, majoring in Chemical Engineering. She's interested
in green chemistry because she wants to help preserve our
environment, and this opportunity providers her with a great start to protecting it from unnecessary harm.


Current  Graduate Students

Spencer Granett

Spencer is a Ph.D. student in the SESAME program studying chemistry education.  She is especially interested in the role of the laboratory program in undergraduate chemistry education.  Spencer feels that green chemistry and issues of sustainability are important to consider and that the laboratory curriculum is a good avenue to expose students to these sorts of problems.

Leah Rubin

Leah is a graduate student in the College of Chemistry. She works in
the Arnold Group on two very different projects: exploring first-row
transition metal catalysts for use in proton-exchange membrane fuel
cells and designing and synthesizing greener oil spill dispersants.
She first became interested in green chemistry when serving in the
Peace Corps in Namibia and realizing how "benign by design" products
could contribute to preserving the health of environments that remain
relatively undeveloped.


Ben Greenfield

Ben is an environmental scientist interested in monitoring and modeling contaminant fate, bioaccumulation, and human exposure. Ben has also maintained an interest in environmental statistics and data analysis applications, as well as information exchange, collaboration, and education with other environmental specialists and the general public. Learn more about Ben here

Summer 2010-Spring 2011 Undergraduate Students

Michael Poon

Michael is a class of 2013 chemical engineering and materials science and engineering major at Cal. Michael is involved in the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, because Michael is fascinated with how making processes hyper-efficient allows for such extremes in the increased usage possible from the same amount of a given resource.

Casey Finnerty

Casey Finnerty is a 2nd year undergraduate Chemical Engineer (Class of 2013). Casey is into Green Chemistry because he doesn't want his kids to have to live off-world.

Masaki Yamada

Masaki is a second-year undergraduate majoring in Chemical Engineering with a
biotechnology concentration. Masaki is excited to be working with green chemistry because it places an emphasis on sustainability and safe lab practices that are important to modern
industry and research.

Milton Mi

Milton Mi is a third year student majoring in Environmental Engineering
Science. Milton is interested in green chemistry because the research seeks to reduce and
minimize pollution at its source, and hence it is an efficient way to solve a wide
range of environmental problems.

Swetha Akella

Swetha Akella looks forward to receiving her B.S. in Chemistry in 2013. She believes in
bettering the health of the world by not allowing "green" and "environmental" to become
merely catchphrases.

Amanda Polley

Amanda is an incoming sophomore studying Chemical Engineering at Berkeley. She has
always been interested in the environmental and economic aspects of chemistry, and feels
very strongly about working with chemists, engineers, biologists, and other professionals
to ensure the health and safety of the environment.

Max Babicz

Max is a sophomore at Berkeley studying Nuclear Engineering. Max chose Nuclear
Engineering because he's interested in alternative energy and making solutions out of
limited resources. Green chemistry works toward the same goal. It’s exciting to think
that the next generations of chemists will be considering “green” issues from the very
beginning of their exposure to chemistry.


Previous Graduate Students

Georgia Green

Georgia Green, a master's student in the school of Public Health's Global Health and Environment program, is studying the human health and environmental impacts of electronic waste disposal in Abidja, Cote d'lvoire. The project aims to characterize the occupational hazards of working with e-waste, including chemical exposures and risks of injury. In collaboration with the Occupational Medicine Department at the University of Concody, Abidjan and leaders of a local electronics technicians union, she has conducted over one hundred in-depth interviews. She plans to analyze data for the publication during the upcoming academic year.

Alison Narayan

Alison Narayan is a 5th Year Graduate Student in Chemistry, and the coordinator of the Green Chemistry and Sustainable Design Seminar.