Up-goer summary: “I am interested in keeping working people safe from getting hurt, especially in places outside of the States. Right now, I check how much bad stuff is in workplaces. I also want to look at how different stuff that is supposed to make our lives better match to each other when they are being made and when they are being thrown away.”Beverly Shen is a first year student in the environmental health sciences department. She’s interested in occupational health and exposures, particularly in developing countries, and works on measuring occupational exposures to flame retardants in fire station dust. In her research now she’s evaluating the energy requirements of organophosphate flame retardants and nanoclay flame retardants at the production stage and their potential health effects during electronic waste recycling and disposal. Good Green Ideas Recommendation: I recently learned about solar farms in deserts and like the idea of harnessing the sun’s energy on a larger scale.

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