David Garfield

Up-goer summary: “We don’t want the world to change for the worse, so we make things to help stop that from happening. To avoid an always hot summer, we want to make light from the sun work better for us and stop burning dead things from a long time ago.”David Garfield is a fourth year student in the chemistry department. He’s exploring a way to increase the amount solar energy available for solar cells to convert into usable energy through a process called upconversion: Designing materials that absorb two or more low-energy, or sub-bandgap photons, and convert them into higher energy photons that could then be reabsorbed by the photovoltaic material. He’s currently working on optimizing this upconversion process. Good Green Ideas Recommendation: I like the idea of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition the consortium of 20+ billionaires who hope to pool their resources and tackle the quest for cheap, grid-scale clean energy by investing in long-term, high-risk, high-reward bets on renewable energy technologies. They’re taking the model of venture capital it seems, but with a much longer time horizon which is imperative for capital-intensive industries like energy and materials.

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