Up-goer summary: “I’m going to study the good and bad of power made from burning green things from woods, homes, and places we get our food from. I will find out the cuts in the number of stuff that go into our air and warms our world. I want to understand how much goes in and goes out into the air to make power. I also want to talk with people who live close by to learn how they feel about what is going into the air and may make them sick. Besides what goes into the air, there are also noise and lots of cars that can be a concern. ”Kathy Tran is a second year student in the environmental health sciences department. She’s studying the trade-offs between global and local emissions impacts of biomass power plants by determining global emissions reductions from CA biomass facilities (accounting for biomass type/sources and technologies in place (biomass conversion and emissions control)); assessing local emissions and identifying critical air pollutants impacting local communities; and evaluating implications for local public health impacts i.e. vulnerability factors, and co-pollutants. Biomass currently contributes approximately 2% of current CA renewable energy sources and has potential for expansion. While generating energy from biomass can have multiple environmental benefits, there are also potential negative implications for environmental health and justice that have yet to be explored. Her study has implications for informing biomass energy policies in California, such as AB-590, which is designed to subsidize the production of energy via biomass and geothermal facilities with funding from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). It will also inform analysis of the prospects of biomass energy across the US. Good Green Ideas Recommendation: Solpro–more efficient solar chargers that can charge smartphones faster.

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