Up-goer summary: “After you use water (for drinking, cleaning, and so on), you need to clean it. It takes a lot of money to make used water clean again.
In my work, I am trying to find a way to take all of the bad stuff out of water in a way that doesn’t use a lot of money and at the same time doesn’t hurt the world.”

Jennifer Lawrence is a third year PhD student in the Environmental Engineering . She is using screening technologies to evaluate industrial chemicals during the chemical development process. “By generating toxicity data during the development process,” she says, “we can make trade-off decisions about the chemicals we use.” As a case study, she’s using a combination of computational toxicology techniques and the yeast-based functional toxicogenomics assays to predict toxicity pathways in a suite of furan compounds which have potential as biofuels.

Good Green Idea Recommendation:
Bacteria that could make your blue jeans greener

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