Julia Varshavsky

Up-goer summary: “I am working on making the world we live in safer for us and our children by studying the things we buy and use day to day. I want to understand where these things come from and where they end up and what makes us change what we buy and use. In the end, I hope to make the world a safer place for us and our children.”

Julia Varshavsky is a third year student in the environmental health sciences department in the School of Public Health. She’s currently working on evaluating exposure and developmental health risks associated with phthalates, a family of endocrine disrupting chemicals found in plastics and personal care products like fragrances and nail polish. She’s also investigating what motivates consumers to “change behavior to reduce potentially harmful exposures,” she says, and “how to incorporate health toxicity considerations into sustainability metrics,” such as product life cycle assessments.

Good Green Ideas Recommendation:
The Health Care Without Harm network bringing attention to the connection between climate change and global health.

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