Up-goer summary: “For my work, I look at how good or bad things are to your well being and to the trees and air before they are made. I am trying to help people make these things good by giving them stuff they can use.” Tala Daya is a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department. Her work involves assessing the sustainability of materials and communicating to designers the impact of their material choices. Often designers only have access to “red lists” or lists of materials known to impact health. The goal of her research is to create awareness by looking at human health and environmental hazards (using a HA and LCA) to help incremental material improvements in a process or product. Tala’s overall goal is to build a tool that instead introduces designers to materials that are sustainable choices and additionally maps trade-offs for them during the design process.Good Green Ideas Recommendation: — that can generate electricity. And, Roads that charge electric cars.

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