Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry

Trevor Lohrey

Trevor Lohrey, 2015 Cohort, College of Chemistry

Up-goer summary: “Understanding how to make what we grow from the ground into not only food but power as well by changing what can’t be used as food into better forms so it can be used in more ways rather than just letting it sit there.”

Trevor Lohrey is a first year PhD student in the College of Chemistry. He’s studying the reactivity of a new series of rhenium oxo complexes which can catalyze the conversion of biomass into carbon-neutral biofuels. Rhenium has been demonstrated to catalytically convert oxygen-rich, biomass-derived substrates into hydrocarbon and furan-based products that could be of use as carbon-neutral biofuels, but “this reactivity has, thus far, only been observed in rhenium oxo complexes,” Lohrey says, so “the study of new rhenium oxo complexes in new ancillary frameworks is crucial to the development of more robust catalysts.”

Good Green Ideas Recommendations:
The newly discovered Jahn-Teller metals, a newly characterized state of matter. The determined relationship between the solid-state and electronic structures of this class of metals could revolutionize super-conductors and the way we transport and store energy.

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