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Towards Sustainable ‘Biofriendly’ Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Our Greener Solutions student’s work with Autodesk has been highlighted in a 3 part in-depth series on the Autodesk Spark site.

Check out the first, second, and third blog posts on the Autodesk site, and you can read the Greener Solutions team’s original report hereCHITOSAN IMAGE Spark blog 3 of 3.jpg

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  1. gaussling says:

    Those of us engaged in producing advanced materials and technology are well advised to be a little cautious in how much of our own Koolaid we drink. That is, the notion that we can invent our way out of the destruction of the biosphere by impending overpopulation, war, climate change, or just unwise use of resources is a bit of a mirage in my view. A largely unspoken challenge going forward is to devise an economic system that will allow for fair distribution of wealth while simultaneously throttling back on per capita consumption in the face of a growing population. In spite increasing use of biomass and renewable energy, our electrified world depends on some of the scarcer elements like copper, lithium, cobalt, platinum group metals, indium, gold, tellurium, boron and others. All of these elements consume considerable energy to be produced in a useable condition. A crucial part of the idea of sustainability must be reduced consumption in general. We must find a way to live a meaningful life with a bit less stuff per person.


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