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BCGC joins the brainstorm for Environmentally Responsible Engineering Education

BCGC Executive Director Tom McKeag was invited to join the launch of the Environmentally Responsible Engineering (ERE) education initiative, sponsored by VentureWell, the Lemelson Foundation and the Academy for Systems Change, held in Washington, DC, in March, 2019 .

The two-day event brought academics, professional engineers, non-profit and government officials together to craft a foundational document reflecting  a new sustainable engineering education paradigm, and to discuss how best to form a network to develop and disseminate these ideas. The Green Chemistry community was well represented at this event, with Drs. Paul Anastas of Yale University and John Warner of the firm Warner Babcock in attendance.

Subsequent to this meeting, BCGC teamed up with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley and Professor Hayden Taylor to submit an NSF grant to co-host with Venturewell a summer, 2020 workshop here on campus.


The goals for the ERE initiative are to:

● Develop, grow and mobilize a community of engaged, committed, and

inspired stakeholders who care deeply about the future of engineering

education and its impact on the planet.

● Strengthen our community of stakeholders by ensuring every member feels

they have the opportunity to share and contribute to the ERE vision and


● Co-develop a common definition for ERE and critical student learning

outcomes via an ERE Definition and Framework — a tool to be widely

disseminated into engineering schools, departments, programs and courses.

● Identify and implement approaches and partners to accelerate the

integration of the ERE Framework in higher education.

For more details and background on this initiative, please see the 2019 paper

Engineering for One Planet: Launching a Collaborative Effort to Proliferate

Principles of Environmentally Responsible Engineering in Higher Education

Institutions .


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