Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry

Innovation for Safer Materials

Welcome to BCGC

Our Mission

The mission of the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry is to bring about a generational transformation toward the design and use of inherently safer chemicals and materials.

Embedding the principles of green chemistry into science, markets and public policy will provide the foundation for safeguarding human health and ecosystems and provide a cornerstone for a sustainable, clean energy economy.

Our Impact

BCGC collaborates with public and private organizations, offering training and technical advice, advocating for safer products and informed policies, the placement of graduates in the workforce, and informal instruction.

Our Process

We fund and guide research in designing novel chemical processes and materials and in investigating new approaches to toxicity testing, exposure analysis and alternatives assessment.

We teach a core program of courses that integrate the chemical and environmental health sciences with the study of public and private governance and management. This interdisciplinary program focuses on project and team-driven approaches to solving important material challenges and offers actionable results to industry, government and nongovernmental organizations.

We provide technical support to decision-makers, workers, community organizations and businesses working to advance safety and health through green chemistry.