Research is one of the three main components of our mission at BCGC. 

Title Author Yearsort descending Publication type
Polymerization in nature yields clues to innovation in additive manufacturing Thomas McKeag Book / Chapter
Collaboration Across Disciplines for Sustainability: Green Chemistry as an Emerging Multi-stakeholder Community Alastair Iles; Marty Mulvihill 2012 Journal Article
Bringing new meanings to molecules by integrating green chemistry and the social sciences Alastair Iles; Marty Mulvihill; Meg Schwarzman; Michael Wilson; et al. 2013 Book / Chapter
Fitting It All In: Adapting a Green Chemistry Extraction Experiment for Inclusion in an Undergraduate Analytical Laboratory Heather Buckley; Annelise Beck; Marty Mulvihill; Michelle Douskey 2013 Journal Article
The Role of Chemical Policy in Improving Supply Chain Knowledge and Product Safety Caroline Scruggs; Leonard Ortolano; Meg Schwarzman; Michael Wilson 2014 Journal Article
Advancing Safer Alternatives Through Functional Substitution Joel Tickner; Jessica Schifano; Marty Mulvihill; et al. 2014 Journal Article
International Chemicals Policy, Health and Human Rights Michael Wilson; Meg Schwarzman 2015 Book / Chapter
Effect of company size on potential for REACH compliance and selection of safer chemicals Caroline Scruggs; Leonard Ortolano; Michael Wilson; Meg Schwarzman 2015 Journal Article
Safer chemicals would benefit both consumers and workers Heather Buckley 2015 Blog / Op-Ed
Screening for Chemical Contributions to Breast Cancer Risk: A Case Study for Chemical Safety Evaluation Meg Schwarzman; Janet Ackerman; Shanaz Dairkee; et al. 2015 Journal Article
Levi Strauss: Driving Adoption of Green Chemistry Robert Strand; Marty Mulvihill 2016 Case Study
Aiding Alternatives Assessment With an Uncertainty-Tolerant Hazard Scoring Method Jeremy Fauldi; Tina Hoang; Patrick Gorman; Marty Mulvihill 2016 Journal Article
Tools for Green Molecular Design to Reduce Toxicological Risk David Faulkner; Leah Rubin Shen; Vanessa De La Rosa; et al. 2017 Book / Chapter
Undoing Chemical Industry Lock-ins: Polyvinyl chloride and green chemistry Alastair Iles; Abigail Martin; Christine Rosen 2017 Journal Article
Design and Testing of Safer, More Effective Preservatives for Consumer Products Heather Buckley; Billy Hart-Cooper; David Faulkner; et al. 2017 Journal Article
Shaping the Future of Additive Manufacturing: Twelve Themes from Bio-Inspired Design and Green Chemistry Thomas McKeag 2018 Book / Chapter
Not Just an Academic Exercise: Systems Thinking Applied to Designing Safer Alternatives Meg Schwarzman 2019 Journal Article
Computational Studies of Rubber Ozonation Explain the Effectiveness of 6PPD as an Antidegradant and the Mechanism of Its Quinone Formation Elliot Rossomme; Billy Hart-Cooper; Bill Orts 2023 Journal Article
Green Chemistry in Practice: Greener Material and Chemical Innovation through Collaboration Thomas McKeag 2023 Book / Chapter