Research is one of the three main components of our mission at BCGC. 

Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
Advancing Safer Alternatives Through Functional Substitution Joel Tickner; Jessica Schifano; Marty Mulvihill; et al. 2014 Journal Article
Aiding Alternatives Assessment With an Uncertainty-Tolerant Hazard Scoring Method Jeremy Fauldi; Tina Hoang; Patrick Gorman; Marty Mulvihill 2016 Journal Article
Bringing new meanings to molecules by integrating green chemistry and the social sciences Alastair Iles; Marty Mulvihill; Meg Schwarzman; Michael Wilson; et al. 2013 Book / Chapter
Collaboration Across Disciplines for Sustainability: Green Chemistry as an Emerging Multi-stakeholder Community Alastair Iles; Marty Mulvihill 2012 Journal Article
Computational Studies of Rubber Ozonation Explain the Effectiveness of 6PPD as an Antidegradant and the Mechanism of Its Quinone Formation Elliot Rossomme; Billy Hart-Cooper; Bill Orts 2023 Journal Article
Design and Testing of Safer, More Effective Preservatives for Consumer Products Heather Buckley; Billy Hart-Cooper; David Faulkner; et al. 2017 Journal Article
Effect of company size on potential for REACH compliance and selection of safer chemicals Caroline Scruggs; Leonard Ortolano; Michael Wilson; Meg Schwarzman 2015 Journal Article
Fitting It All In: Adapting a Green Chemistry Extraction Experiment for Inclusion in an Undergraduate Analytical Laboratory Heather Buckley; Annelise Beck; Marty Mulvihill; Michelle Douskey 2013 Journal Article
Green Chemistry in Practice: Greener Material and Chemical Innovation through Collaboration Thomas McKeag 2023 Book / Chapter
International Chemicals Policy, Health and Human Rights Michael Wilson; Meg Schwarzman 2015 Book / Chapter
Levi Strauss: Driving Adoption of Green Chemistry Robert Strand; Marty Mulvihill 2016 Case Study
Not Just an Academic Exercise: Systems Thinking Applied to Designing Safer Alternatives Meg Schwarzman 2019 Journal Article
Polymerization in nature yields clues to innovation in additive manufacturing Thomas McKeag Book / Chapter
Safer chemicals would benefit both consumers and workers Heather Buckley 2015 Blog / Op-Ed
Screening for Chemical Contributions to Breast Cancer Risk: A Case Study for Chemical Safety Evaluation Meg Schwarzman; Janet Ackerman; Shanaz Dairkee; et al. 2015 Journal Article
Shaping the Future of Additive Manufacturing: Twelve Themes from Bio-Inspired Design and Green Chemistry Thomas McKeag 2018 Book / Chapter
The Role of Chemical Policy in Improving Supply Chain Knowledge and Product Safety Caroline Scruggs; Leonard Ortolano; Meg Schwarzman; Michael Wilson 2014 Journal Article
Tools for Green Molecular Design to Reduce Toxicological Risk David Faulkner; Leah Rubin Shen; Vanessa De La Rosa; et al. 2017 Book / Chapter
Undoing Chemical Industry Lock-ins: Polyvinyl chloride and green chemistry Alastair Iles; Abigail Martin; Christine Rosen 2017 Journal Article