2016 BPA-Free Can Linings Symposium

Identifying and Evaluating Alternative Materials: The Case of BPA-Free Can Linings

November 4, 2016

YouTube Playlist of Speakers

SESSION 1: Understanding functional requirements and the food packaging system

SESSION 2: Evaluating exposure

SESSION 3: Evaluating toxicity

SESSION 4: Integrating Information for decision-making

  • A model for transmitting information about hazard and chemical composition along the supply chain (Eden Bruckman, HPD collaborative)
  • Presentation of participant answers + framing the panel discussion (Meg Schwarzman, UC Berkeley)
  • Panel discussion considering: What key pieces of information do you need to make a change in materials? How do you use the science in material selection? Moderator: Meg Schwarzman, Panelists: Meredith Williams (DTSC), Eden Bruckman, Janet Nudelman (Breast Cancer Fund), Amanda Cattermole, John O’Keefe (Amy’s)