Ned Antell

Job title: 
GP Intern - XT Green

Edmund (Ned) Antell is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering in Lisa Alvarez-Cohen’s lab. He studies PFAS transformation and destruction, as well as PFAS source apportionment and chemical fingerprinting. As a result of the work done and connections made during Greener Solutions, he has also been working with a carpet recycler- XT Green to develop a method to remove PFAS from carpet fiber during their recycling process.

“The connections I have made through taking Greener Solutions are really incredible. I continue to have fascinating conversations with folks from non-profits, NGOs, and for-profit companies all because of the impressive attendance to our final project presentations. The class is a lot of work, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment.”

“XT Green is a carpet recycling company that centers its mission around the health of its employees, end users and the environment. Most carpet entering recycling facilities, especially carpet produced before 2019, is contaminated with a myriad of chemicals, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). My work with XT Green is to help design and test scalable, safe strategies to remove PFAS from carpets during the recycling process so it isn’t reintroduced to the consumer and environment.”