Intern (former)

Ned Antell

GP Intern - XT Green

Edmund (Ned) Antell is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering in Lisa Alvarez-Cohen’s lab. He studies PFAS transformation and destruction, as well as PFAS source apportionment and chemical fingerprinting. As a result of the work done and connections made during Greener Solutions, he has also been working with a carpet recycler- XT Green to develop a method to remove PFAS from carpet fiber during their recycling process.

“The connections I have made through taking Greener Solutions are really incredible. I continue to have fascinating conversations with folks...

Amanda Guan

GP Intern - Sway

Amanda Guan is a recent graduate from Cal with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and aminor in Public Policy. Currently, she has started interning with Sway making seaweed-basedbioplastic packaging that are completely home compostable.

She took Greener Solutions in Fall 2020, and even in a remote environment, it's been herfavorite class at Cal. She was able to come up with solutions for biodegradable moisturebarriers in paper packaging, and she appreciates that she was able to combine...

Aaron Maruzzo

GP Intern - DTSC

Aaron Maruzzo is an MPH student in the Environmental Health Science department at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. He joined UC Berkeley after three years of working as the Water Lab Analyst for the municipal water company in the U.S. territory, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, serving the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. He received his BA in Biology and Comparative Literature, and a concentration in Public Health from Williams College. Originally from the island of Saipan, he and his family moved to southern California where his lived experiences led to a...

Elliot Rossomme

GP Intern - USDA (6PPD)

Elliot Rossomme (he/him) is expecting to receive his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in August 2022. His primary research projects have involved developing, testing, and implementing computational tools to understand the physics and chemistry of carbon capture in electrochemical systems.

During the Fall 2021 Greener Solutions course, Elliot partnered with the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association to identify ways to eliminate 6PPD, an industry-standard additive that protects rubber from oxidation and ozonation, from tire production. To continue working on this project, Elliot began a...

Minerva Teli

GP Intern - WA Department of Ecology

Minerva Teli is a Ph.D. student in the Environmental Engineering program at UC Berkeley. She studies materials for water treatment under Prof. Baoxia Mi and holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Northeastern University. She is interested in exploring applications of green chemistry in water treatment systems. Minerva is working with the Washington State Department of Ecology to identify and assess food packaging products in the US market that use potentially safer alternatives to PFAS.

Taking Berkeley’s Greener Solutions course was a great way to...

Mia Wesselkamper

Undergraduate Associate
Mia is an undergraduate student studying Bioengineering and Business Administration through the Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology (M.E.T.) program. She is a current undergraduate researcher in the Keasling Lab and her interests include applying biomimicry, synthetic biology, and metabolic engineering to create sustainable solutions. As an intern for BCGC, Mia assists BCGC staff with outreach objectives and facilitation of the Greener Solutions program.