2021 PFAS-Free Future Symposium

BCGC Symposium on PFAS-Free Future at 2021 Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

On June 18, 2021, BCGC coordinated a full-day virtual symposium at the 25th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference hosted by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®. "The PFAS-Free Future: Greener Solutions for a Circular Economy" included invited talks from industry, government, non-profit sector partners, and featured student presentations from the 2020 Greener Solutions graduate course. The symposium highlighted opportunities for greener alternatives to PFASs in food and product packaging and carpet treatments, as well as opportunities for feasible interventions for PFAS destruction at the end-of-use phase of the carpet lifecycle, and the emerging issue of PFAS in building materials. This session leveraged the collaborative project research performed as part of the Greener Solutions course, bringing it into relevant industry sectors for implementation. The goal was for attendees to leave the symposium with a better understanding of the landscape of PFASs and alternatives in packaging and carpets, future trends, and actionable collaborative solutions for our future, PFAS-free, closed-loop economy.

The virtual conference included two live Q&A sessions. Presenters discussed next steps, emergent trends and news, and fielded questions and heard suggestions from attendees.

Anyone registered for the ACS GC&E Conference can view our session On-Demand. Direct links to each presentation can be found HERE. You can view the slides from the symposium below.

  1.  Multi-disciplinary and sector collaboration for the reduction of PFASs in the carpets and rugs and packaging industries - Kim Hazard

  2. Regulating PFASs in consumer products: One at a time or all at once? - Simona Balan

  3. Moisture and liquid barriers in packaging: Replacing PFASs for a job too well done -Kaj Johnson

  4. Food packaging Team 

  5. Product Packaging Team

  6. High volume, low information: Green chemistry is needed to reduce PFAS in building materials -Tom Bruton

  7. The PFASs challenge in recycling post-consumer carpet -Gail Brice

  8.  Carpet Recycling Team

  9. Aftermarket-treatments Team